Amit Raut - CEO

With more than 20 years under his belt in the digital marketing space transforming legacy practices with new found innovation to elevate businesses to the next level. Throughout his long standing career, Amit has always strived to make a true and lasting impact; knowing that the key to success is what he can do for others. This reason alone sparked his entrepreneurial path which led him to founding several multi-million-dollar advertising companies.

With international recognition across his various companies, Digital Advertising was ranked the 14th fastest-growing private company by Inc. 500. His most recent achievement saw AdSugar being ranked by Inc. 500 as the 100th fastest growing private company in America.

When he’s not pursuing investment opportunities or running his business empire, Amit is an active philanthropist. Amit is purpose driven and committed to supporting children across the country and currently serves as a board member of a non-profit organization that raises funds to bring joy to hospitalized children.

After more than a two decades in real estate investing, performance-based marketing and trail blazing successful business operations across industries.

BigCrowd is a commercial, multifamily property and asset management company specializing in the acquisition of income-producing investment opportunities that leverage favorable tax treatment and long term capital growth for our esteemed clientele.

As the Founder and Managing Director, Amit thrives in helping his clients maximize their financial potential for real estate and wealth accumulation. He does this by guiding his clients through their investment opportunities while managing risk, continually adapting to their evolving goals and priorities.

If you are open to forging strategic partnerships and would like to connect for business purposes, get in touch with Amit today.